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Should I consult an attorney even if I haven't been charged with a crime?

If you believe you may be investigated or you have been contacted by law enforcement it is critical to speak with a criminal defense attorney before making any statements to law enforcement. Oftentimes people make statements to law enforcement that are not by themselves incriminating but unfortunately become evidence against the person once they are charged.


Do the police have a right to ask me questions or search my property?

A law enforcement officer can ask you questions at anytime. You DO NOT have to answer any questions if you are the subject of a criminal investigation. You are the only person who can insist that this right be protected so you must be vigilant in asserting your right. Also, police can search your property with a warrant and in some exceptions, without a warrant. Although you can not prevent a law enforcement officer from searching you DO NOT have to consent. By providing consent you give the police a license to search. Never consent to a search of your person or property.


If I have been involved in an accident how long should I wait until contacting a lawyer?

If you have been involved in an accident or been injured it is essential to contact a lawyer immediately. Even if you do not sue or have a viable case it is critical to make sure that evidence is preserved and witnesses are interviewed as close to the time of the loss as possible. Immediate action will best protect your rights and your case.


What is the cost for a consultation?

Attorney Brennan offers a free initial consultation for personal injury cases. If you have a legal issue, criminal charge, concerns about criminal charges or an injury simply call Attorney Brennan’s office to arrange an initial consultation.


How will I be charged for services on my personal injury case?

Attorney Brennan charges a contingency fee for personal injury representation. The fee is based on the amount of recovery and you will not be charged unless there is a successful recovery in your case.


How will my personal injury case progress?

Different cases vary relative to the time a personal injury case takes to resolve. The complexity of the case, basis of liability, and manner of resolution all effect the case progress. Be assured, your case will be a priority and you will be advised and updated regularly regarding the progress of your case.

If you don't see a question you'd like answered, please contact us and Attorney Brennan will respond to your question.